Owls Head Water View


Residents of the Homesteads sign a guest agreement and pay rent daily to Homeshare, Inc. based on the size and type of room.  Rent includes the following:
Bedroom, including furnishings, if desired.  Suites include living room area.
Bathroom facilities, most private, plus access to handicapped shower.
Access to common areas of the house, including dining room, living rooms, screened porches and yard.
Property taxes and insurance.
Food and beverages, including meal preparation.
Supplies, including cleaning supplies, linens, toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, tissues, etc.
Yard maintenance, including lawn mowing, snow removal, trash removal & gardens.
Call system.
Maintenance and repairs including appliance & equipment repair, maintenance and replacement.
Cleaning, Chambermaid service, Laundry

Nursing care provided by ASK . . . for Home Care

Mallorie, RN providing foot care for a resident at our Owls Head Homestead
Homeshare, Inc. provides no personal or nursing services. ASK…for Home Care contracts with each resident for home health services, but residents may also receive services from other providers, at their discretion.  Medicare reimbursable services may be received from appropriate agencies as needed.  MaineCare will not pay for services in this setting at this time.
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