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Now Hiring – Chef!

We are seeking a part-time chef to cook in our Homesteads serving the elderly. Cooking shifts are typically 7:00am to 1:00pm and 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Applicant must be able to accommodate for meal substitutions due to medical needs and taste preference. Applicants should be caring and understanding of the needs of the elderly population as well as comfortable with interacting within it.


  • Demonstrates the ability to prepare meals
  • Prior work history working in food preparation
  • Knowledge of food and nutrition
  • Knowledge of proper knife skills
  • Knowledge of proper technique in food preparation
  • Possess a high degree of cleanliness


  • Preparing food quickly and as deliciously as possible
  • Remembering all the multiple resident orders/dietary needs and easily assemble them per resident, as needed
  • Able to cook in bulk and use commercial kitchen equipment
  • Follow planned menus and recipes
  • Carry out daily duties in a time efficient manner
  • Keep/maintain inventory and shopping lists
  • Put away food when delivered
  • Store everything properly and in order
  • Handle food as hygienically as is possible
  • Properly clean working areas


 If you are interested in working for Homeshare, Inc.,

please take a few minutes to complete this form:


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